Novel-Tea from the North Scituate Library
Novel-Tea from the North Scituate Library is our place to talk about books, new and old, and share the hottest library gossip. Every month, Katherine will tell you about a great or terrible new book, review a brand new cook book, and spill some tea. (Or at least, sip some tea. It’s been pretty quiet lately.) Miss Alyce will also drop in for a Youth Services Segment. The show releases on the third Saturday of every month, and is available wherever you get your podcasts.

Novel-Tea Trailer

3 years ago

Trailer from a new podcast coming to you in 2021 from the North Scituate Library.

Novel-Tea is produced by the North Scituate Library and hosted and edited by Katherine Stapp.

Music Credits

Our theme music is "Champ de tournesol" by Komiku.


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